Christmas Plays

Plays for your school or church group

These plays have been created for Kindergarten through 5th grade. The play showcases the 5th grade and allows the other grades to participate.

Each play(about 45min in length)  centers around faith (which can be adapted to your needs)but also has historical elements intertwined to teach history at the same time.  

Silent Night

The time is December 1818 the small parish village of St. Nicolas is preparing for Christmas. This village gave us the Christmas Carol Silent Night. There are many different versions of how this song came about . Facts are vague and embellishments abound. Here is what we believe happened.


Christmas 1942 the United States has just entered World War II  three brothers Melvin, Fred and Dennis own a radio station in need of saving and are about to embark on their first Christmas Broadcast to the troops overseas. Clouded by financial responsibilities, a diva actress and other distractions can the brothers navigate to the real meaning of Christmas?

Edgar's Ephiphany

Edgar has a successful business , he exemplifies a proper Victorian man yet something is missing in his life.  Set in 1842 the year Christmas Cards were introduces and join Edgar in his journey to his Ephiphany.


Set in Brooklyn 1912 the Great Irish Potato Famine has ended  but the Irish families still feel the devastation well into the 20th century. Three Irish girls Molly McKenna and Maggie seek a new life in America. 

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